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Brad Moore, President, Friends of Lake Eufaula.

WHAT:  2019 FOLE annual meeting. 
WHEN: Thursday, May 23 at 6 PM Central 
WHERE: Eufalua- Barbour Chamber building auditorium. 


1. Brad gives FOLE status report - 10 min
2. Bob gives financial report - 5 min
3. Bobby Moore gives a USACE report on ACF infrastructure and dam repair - 15 min
4. Brent Mortimer gives report on hydrilla - 15 min
5. Mayor Tibbs gives a regional economic report and fishing tournament update - 15 min
6. Alabama Marine Police Officer, TJ Kennington,  gives update on boating accidents - 15 min
7. At the conclusion we have a panel of the speakers take Q & A  (with Chris Hurley of USCG) - 15 min